Tuesday, 28 October 2014


In addition to other great qualities that a civilization needs in order to survive, selflessness is of the most vital importance.
Family, the smallest and most basic unit of civilization is built on a bond where two individuals nurture and
protect each other and their off-springs for a lifetime. A great deal of personal sacrifice and selflessness is
needed to achieve this goal.

At a critical juncture in the age of civilization when old systems and values become worn out and dated civilization needs innovation.It need to evolve. So new ideas purporting new theories about systems and values are born in the minds of individuals.But in order to experiment and practice those ideas great sacrifices are needed. Reformers and prophets preaching faith and duty mobilize people for these sacrifices.The new ideas are almost always resisted by the conservative forces of civilization and so need a great deal of devotion and selflessness for success.

In every civilization heroes are always part of the local culture.Greats tales of legend are woven around their personalities.Their stories are almost always about great feats of courage. A strength of character shown in the face of great danger to protect something or someone. Putting their own lives in peril heroes protect others and hence their selflessness is the universal moral that civilizations teach their future generations.

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